About Shanae

Shanae Coffman born in Wichita Kansas and had the fortunate privilege of being raised in several states because of being part of military family.  During that time I naturally came into my own through drawing and just being a girly, girl with make-up.  Moreover, this passion  for expressing myself through makeup  lead to me become a Certified  Makeup Artist. Fast forward to now I have been enhancing my skills professionally for the last 10 plus years as a Professional  Make-up Artist.  In addtion my  natural ability to visualize and draw abstract images allowed me to master my skills in Special Effects Artistry. Impressively I realized I could apply makeup with ease, but there was a downside to this. This  downside caused me to lose  myself in  the idea of portraying what I thought beauty was like. This false illusion of beauty brought me up against  may diffrent chanllenges, but it was  not until I came face to face with an encounter that changed my whole prespective  of what Beauty represented. This  transformation took place when I encountered God and his true authentic love. His  Love helped  me rediscover  true beauty .This  understand came from embracing God and  his love,  which in return  helped me rediscover my  purpouse and value in why I love what I do. This ignited my passion and desire to  help others embrace their Inner beauty. As a result  of this  passion feuled my desire to create a platform that would give me the ability to help others rediscover beauty for what it truly . Thus Inner Beauty Artistry LLC was Founded. Inner Beauty Artistry LLC not only allows me the privelage to services as a Makeup Artist , but  gives me the oppurtunites to assist  indivuals in   identifing  that  true beauty is  not what we create outwardly, but simply who we are inwardly. Beauty is not about hiding behind makeup, but it is discovering your Inner  Beauty  and coupling that with  creativity as an outward expression .  Having understood this  concept  helped me to realize  Inner Beauty Artistry LLC was born out of my struggle  of connecting outward appereance to inner self.  However by having this platform I am able to now extend my passion with others . Being able to watch others  embrace their Inner Beauty is an amazing moment to be apart of . As  the CEO and Founder of Inner Beauty Artistry LLC I have been blessed  with  opportunities in establish my business through networking with Knot Wedding agency, movie producers, and music video artists.  However, this is just the beginning, I have other ambition to have my own clothing line and to author my first book highlighting and sharing my journey  with other.


What drives me to amplify the  best version  of me is My relationship with God who has granted me with the natural ability to be a blessing to others and my three lovely children who are my biggest fans  and  motivates me to no end.  I know there is so much greater  and this is just a glimpse  of my story.